Monthly Recap - February 2023

As the ecommerce landscape is constantly evolving, it is essential that companies remain agile and responsive to the changing needs of their customers. For YOUR, this means February has been filled with refining our product to better meet the customer demands. This resulted in some exciting new developments. Read on to learn more about the progress we have made in the last month. 

Creators at their best

The second round of YOUR's creator contest was a great success! We received an overwhelming amount of entries from all over the world, and it was a difficult task to narrow it down to the top five winners. We are thrilled to announce that our Creation dApp is now enriched with the amazing content created by many talented creators. We would like to thank each and every one for their participation and support. Congratulations to all 5 winners!

Features to build the future 

Every month we proudly present you with the newest features that have recently enriched the protocol. By building on previous developments of the protocol, we strive to provide an incentive for people to join the protocol and to keep existing creators engaged. 

Besides that, the newest features released in February provides distributors with the most extensive product content, enabling them to keep building highly informative product pages. This will in the end result in high conversion rates for distributors of YOUR. 

Photos and videos for reviews

Firstly, photos and videos can from now on be added to reviews. Reviews that include photos and videos give customers a better idea of what to expect from a product or service, making it easier for them to make an informed decision. For an example, take a look at the example below. 


Notifications content users

Another released feature are the notifications on the Distribution dApp. These provide companies (i.e. content users) with pertinent updates on their statuses, such as downloads that are ready or payments that need to be done. The notifications feature is designed to provide content users with fast access to the content they requested.

What’s next?

Launch of TikTok

In March the first street interview of YOUR will launch on TikTok. We asked people on the streets of Amsterdam if they use social media or not and if they earn money with it. With these videos we want to slowly introduce Web 3.0 and its potential to the Web 2.0 world, attract potential creators and create brand awareness for YOUR. 

TikTok also gives us the opportunity to engage with our current users in a more interactive and entertaining way, something that is unique to the protocol and distincts YOUR from other protocols. 

Here you can check out the very first video of YOUR on TikTok. 

Renewed creator contest

After two successful creator contests with a prize pool as rewards, we wanted to give the creator contest a fresh twist to figure out what works best for all participating creators. During March, creators will be rewarded per content type they create. This gives creators a greater and more direct incentive to start creating content on YOUR Creation dApp. 

Join the creator contest and get direct rewards for your efforts. Learn more about the third round of the creator contest here

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