Points per content type


Earn points by contributing product content to YOUR. Reach new levels with elaborating your skills in shooting images and videos or writing reviews, titles and descriptions. Provide the world with the best questions and answers, reviews or product manuals on YOUR to find yourself at the top in the community leaderboard.

Below the main content types and points are listed.

YOUR contribution Points earned 
Add a photo 30 points per photo
Write a review 20 points per review
Write a description 15 points per description
Add a video 40 points per video
Add a news article 10 points per article
Add a manual or other document 30 points per document
Add a question 10 points per question
Add an answer 20 points per answer

Reach new reputation levels

These points will take you to new heights. All points earned add up to a certain number of points that take you to a reputation level, which is accompanied by a badge. Learn more about these levels on this page. 



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