Monthly Recap - January 2023


The start of the new year offers a great opportunity to renew and improve things, set new goals and strive for many new developments. By now we have looked back and reflected on 2022 successfully, so now it is time to look ahead and see what the future will bring us. 

Structure is key

Structure and planning is one of the most important aspects of a streamlined workflow within a team. With this everyone is on the same page regarding the weekly and monthly tasks within the company, which in turn will contribute to setting goals and working hard on achieving them together. 

The new way of working stems from a fresh look at the roadmap; the most important link in the development of YOUR. New features on YOUR Protocol are added, not to forget new milestones throughout the year to release these features. None of this can be achieved without the commitment of our diverse team, each of whom excels in a different skill set to achieve maximum results together.

Minimum team, maximum result

Many hands make light work, is what they say. Keeping that in mind, we are proud to announce that Laurens is the newest member of our team that will help improve and finalize the strategy of YOUR to get the highest out of its potential. 

Laurens brings in 17 years entrepreneurial experience leading different tech startups and scaleups with a P&L responsibility.  With a passion for digital assets since 2013, Laurens can be considered a true blockchain enthusiast and seasoned crypto investor. He has great experience with Web3 business models, tokenomics,  startup and scaleup funding in general. Laurens holds an MBA at the university of Groningen in the fields of Business ICT and Financial Value Management. With all of this comes a valuable network of investors and venture capital in the EU, UK and US. Welcome on board Laurens!

Bringing YOUR to the light

YOUR would not be existing without its community, creators and contributors to the platform. All their amazing contributions to the protocol reassure content users to get the highest quality of content. But to keep building on and maintaining a great community, it is necessary to keep introducing YOUR to a greater and new audience. For this reason we’ve put together two articles, one of which explains the revolutionary change that comes with YOUR. In the second article YOUR provides a step-by-step plan to help online shops improve their conversion rates. Interested? Read them below:

  1. The traditional method of product content creation is about to be over
  2. Accelerate conversions in the new product content universe

New year, new features

We are eagerly waiting to be able to share the new features of the platform with you every month. The newest feature “Question & Answers” -feature enables users to ask questions about a product. Other creators or yourself can answer these questions in turn. This new content type will help distributora enrich their product pages even more and will in turn contribute to higher conversion rates. 

Because this feature encourages the community to support each other in providing information about a product, it greatly contributes to a great community feeling. For an example of this feature, see the image below:

There’s always room to grow

Since we have introduced the Creation dApp to over 2000 creators already, January was the right time to gather input to eventually make sure the user experience is at its finest. Many creators got an invitation with the request to share their experience. Because we love to hear it! And with great success. The feedback helped the team to decide which elements must be added or removed to improve the process of creating content or navigating to desired products on the protocol. We are never done growing and will always value and use the community's input to do so. 

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