The traditional method of product content creation is about to be over

From crypto, to media to climate and the economy, if the current time teaches us anything, it’s that when systems change, they change everything with it. The world of product content is experiencing just such a moment of change, and it could affect every online business that exists today. Here’s how sellers and content creators can take advantage of the disruption.

Content production used to be about making a large impact in a limited number of places. This held true even with the birth of online commerce. But content demands are accelerating rapidly. Sellers require high quality content wherever their products show up online — the number and variety of these online locations is rapidly expanding. Furthermore, as immersive metaverses mature, the nature of this content needs to change as well.

With more content in more places, and the content itself changing, how can sellers keep up?

The current ways of producing content involve small teams of creators that produce content as required. The rapid expansion of platforms means that sellers that stick with current methods are likely to risk spiraling costs and team burnout. There’s just too much to keep up with. But a radical shift in how content can be produced and paid provides an exceptional solution that changes how content is produced and paid forever.

It’s called YOUR. It’s a marketplace for the buying and selling of product content. Actually, it works a little like Wikipedia — but if Wikipedia used our model, its contributors would get paid for the knowledge they offer to everyone else.

With YOUR, content creators have a great incentive to produce content for products from around the world. These products could be anything from mobile phones to clothes to holidays, present in both physical and digital worlds. What they have in common is a need to be immersively presented online in a way that captures buyers’ imagination, and leads to increased sales. For the metaverse the need is all the more notable where digital products, sometimes of great value, suffer from poor content quality.

YOUR is looking at a product content marketplace that for some may be a distant reality, but for others is already here. This is a world where digital and physical life are merged and where avatars matter as much as social media profiles to status and identity. It’s where a community of creators could be ahead of centralized content teams in terms of anticipating the kind of content that buyers are looking for.

YOUR solves the issue of rapidly increasing content demands before it becomes critical. Sellers and platforms essentially have whole communities of creators at their disposal, and will only pay when this content is interacted with. This community-based solution is not in the future, but up and running today, ready to be used by Amazon, AliExpress, and metaverses such as The Sandbox. The potential of this innovation is why we’ve attracted investment from Genblock Capital, Stratos and Furthermore, 1000 creators have already produced content for over 2 million products. Both numbers expected to increase exponentially.

YOUR offers a protocol where creators and developers can flourish. These users earn from what they create and are incentiviezd to provide quality. The blockchain technology encourages them to do so, as they get paid each time their content is interacted with. Sellers choose the content that works for them, thus educating the market.

The implications of YOUR are multiple and diverse. They’re driven by buyers rewarding sellers that help them visualize the product they are buying and the immersive demands on Web3. Let’s take a closer look at the changes the YOUR way provides.


Usually within a company, product content such as product images, specifications and videos, are created by a content team. Thanks to YOUR everyone in the world is able to create content for such companies. This way of content creation is way faster and cheaper than the traditional way of creating content. YOUR’s worldwide community earns money from the product content it creates. By creating your own product content and sharing it at YOUR, companies and brands are able to stream content.

YOUR doesn’t only provide content for physical products, but also digital products. With these products you can think of the popular Bored Ape Yacht Club or products from the metaverse Decentraland. All the created information about physical and digital products will be made public on YOUR will be the place for everyone to find information around physical and digital products to help people in their purchasing process.

In the current situation, companies own the content: the traditional “centralized ownership”. Due to YOUR’s innovative technology it is not the companies, but the creators who own the content they have created. Every interaction with the content of creators on websites where the content is being used will be registered on the Solana Blockchain, which makes a fluent stream of income possible.

As the way of content ownership has changed, the way of rewarding has grown with it. Instead of the company being the one who receives the profit, YOUR allows creators to build a passive recurring revenue stream out of their work. Every time the content is streamed by a distributor, the creator will be rewarded.

Last but not least, it is important that the content is of high quality in order to offer the best possible customer experience. The content quality used to be curated by one or a limited number of people, such as members of a content team. The content YOUR will offer is curated by multiple people. Thanks to these manual checks and machine learning models, we guarantee the quality of content.



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