Share Your Thoughts


Because YOUR is built by its community, we value your experience and tips and tricks as a company. We appreciate sharing your thoughts and experiences as it enables YOUR to keep growing and developing the product day by day. This way we reassure together we create the best platform built for its community by its community. Besides that, by sharing experiences with other team members you can learn from each other to provide the platform with the highest quality of product content. 


Since we are very eager to process and implement your input to help YOU grow, from now on you can submit a request with feedback, your experience or tips and tricks for other community members. Give us feedback, feature requests, inspirations for a design feature or just any other input idea. 

To share your feedback or experience with us, please select “Community Input” in the dropdown at the “Send a request” page. Note that the more specific your request is, the easier and more likely it is that YOUR can include your input in the newest developments.

Sharing with the community

To make the community input more visible with the aim of being more interconnected, an article page has been created to post weekly updates of the latest community input. Moreover, some great ideas and new features will also be shared on Twitter and Telegram occasionally. 



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