How to import product content in Adobe Commerce (Magento)

importdataadobe.pngAfter downloading your product content for your product range, you need to import this data into your own webshop. This article provides specific information on how to import data on webshops that are built on Adobe Commerce (Magento)

After uploading a file with your specific product range, you have received a comma-separated values file (.csv) with data of your specific product range. This is the file you need to import product content from YOUR into your own Adobe Commerce webshop.


Concerning the preparation of the CSV file, we only provide product content of the products. We do not provide other specifications within the file such as prices, stock or delivery time of the product. You need to add this data yourself to the CSV file you receive from us before you can start the import process. 

Before diving into the import process, Adobe Commerce recommends to first read following articles:

  1. Import guidelines
  2. Import operations

The import process consists of four steps. The first step has already been done by YOUR: 

Step 1: Prepare the data

Step 2: Choose the import behavior

Step 3: Identify the import file

Step 4: Check the import data

To get more details on this explanation , please go to the page about the import process: Import process

Questions or remarks?

If you have any other questions or comments about this process after reading this article, for example if you need product content in an output format or a file extension that YOUR does not support, please submit a request, so that we can consider it for the next releases.



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