How to import product content in Lightspeed


After downloading your product content for your product range, you need to import this data into your own webshop. This article provides specific information on how to import data on webshops that are built on Lightspeed

Importing products in CSV file

You have received a comma-separated values file with data of your specific product range. which will help you to import product content of YOUR into your webshop. Lightspeed created a very clear guide to import your data into your webshop. Since YOUR has already prepared a csv file, you can skip the first step Lightspeed explains. 


Concerning the preparation of the CSV file, we only provide product content of the products. We do not provide other specifications within the file such as prices, stock or delivery time of the product. You need to add this data yourself to the CSV file you receive from us before you can start the import process

Import product content in 2 steps

Moving on to actually importing the data, Lightspeed has created 8 steps including images as a guideline to help you through the process. You can find all steps in the article below: 

  1. Importing data

Importing Data File

After importing data, you need to verify the changes. The steps explained below will help you complete the steps for the importing process.

  1. Verify

Verify Your Import

Questions or remarks?

If you have any other questions or comments about this process after reading this article, for example if you need product content in an output format or a file extension that YOUR does not support, please submit a request, so that we can consider it for the next releases.



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