Monthly Recap - November 2022


Progress of YOUR in November

Worldwide launch of YOUR

The long-awaited launch of YOUR has taken place. After months of hard work and extensive testing by exclusive testnet users, is ready for the worldwide community to create and own product content. We would like to thank all testnet users who helped with feedback and tips to make the platform even better. Start experiencing by searching products and creating content.

Creator Contest

Are you ready to compete against a worldwide community to become creator of the month? During the Creator Contest all creators around the world can start enriching products with high quality product content and earn money by doing so.


2nd Bug Contest

Because the bug contest in October was such a success, we started another bug contest in November to increase the user experience to a higher extent. YOUR initiated this second bug contest to motivate the testnet users to search for the bugs on and in the application while creating content for products.

Product update

In addition, we have a new functionality that we would like to show you in Novembers’ update.

Optimised search

It is important for the users to easily find products that they want to read more information about. That is why we have added an extensive search bar. In the search bar, users can see relevant search suggestions, categories, products and brands through a search query.


Change History

A new functionality that will soon be introduced on the platform is the ‘change history’ functionality. The change history is visible for all products on the website. This page will be accessible from the product page.

What’s next?

Upcoming month represents gathering as many content creators as possible to enrich the database. Goals are set to grow the official YOUR community even more, on Telegram as well as Twitter. Backstage YOUR’s development team is working extremely hard to improve the platform on various aspects, such as site speed, search categories and more.

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