Step by Step: Become a Content Creator


Welcome to YOUR. On this page you will find all relevant information to get started with YOUR: from the first step as a starter to the last step as a professional content creator. Separate articles have been added for a somewhat more extensive explanation. 

Step 1

The first thing you have to do is sign up as a content creator. Consult the article below to learn more about the precise steps in this process:

Sign Up As a Content Creator

Step 2

After that, search products to create content around. Read more about this process in the article below:

Search Products

Step 3

Once products have been found to create product content around, the content must be added. Create content and add it to the product page. Read more in the article below:

Add Content

Step 4

After publishing product content, it first is being curated. Learn more about the three approval statuses on this page:

Status of Product Content

Ready to create content?

That's all. Everything you need to know to start creating content. Start creating content and earn money today!

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