Monthly Recap - October 2022


Progress of YOUR in October

Bug Contest

The first Bug Contest is over, and with tremendous success. After a month of extensive testing by our first testnet group, three hardworking community members made it to the top 3 and received their well deserved rewards. Thanks to the reported bugs testers send in, YOUR is able to improve many aspects of the protocol. The testers with the most bugs found win the Bug Contest and thus our rewards. Head over to this page for more information regarding the Bug Contest. A special thanks to the three winners of the first edition.

As YOUR values the help of potential content creators, the bug contest will recurring each month. Keep an eye out on Twitter and Telegram for updates and announcements regarding this contest.

Lists of bugs

Testnet users are currently working hard on testing the protocol. Some valuable bugs are already found and currently being worked on. To learn more about which bugs have already been found, here is a list with bugs that are known to the team.

List of confirmed bugs

To keep the community updated on what YOUR is currently working on, a list of confirmed bugs that are known to the team is posted in the knowledge base.

List of fixed bugs

After solving the confirmed bugs Testnet users sent in, the bugs are moved to this article with a list of fixed bugs. This transparent way of sharing the growth visualizes the enormous help and support YOUR receives from their community.

Knowledge base

YOUR’s newest knowledge base has been expanded with more content. Here potential content contributors can find a step by step guide on how to start with YOUR Protocol. From Getting Started to Tips & Tricks and from YOUR’s background to a community page to keep the members engaged.

Besides this big new development, a live chatbot has also been added to the protocol. After chatting with Lisa your request will be answered immediately. Outside office hours or when she cannot cover all requests, you’ll be sent through to the support team. YOUR then will come back at you as soon as possible.


What’s next?

On November 14th YOUR launches the protocol for everyone. The whole community and other users get access to Testnet. Also the second edition of the official Bug Contest starts that day. Bigger prices and more competition are in play. Get ready!

Besides this contest, YOUR introduces a new one: Creator of the Month. Earn 1 point for every content type you create. Weekly 50 to 100 products will be promoted. Creating content for these products will earn you a bonus of 1 point per content type. Every month a winner will be revealed and receive amazing rewards.

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