Status of Product Content

Find your way at YOUR AI with these guidelines to get you started. 

Once you have created content, you are send to the ''manage content'' page to check your approval status. In this article every status is explained. 

Why an approval status?

To ensure the high quality of the product content YOUR AI aims to provide, the published content will always be curated first. The content will be checked on appropriate, matching content with the product the creation has been made around. This means: no bad language, no explicit pictures or videos, no swearing and so on. Also, an image of a dog doesn't fit the product "iPhone 13". These aspects will also be taken into account while either approving the content or not. 

3 approval statuses


This approval status will be the one YOUR AI aims to accomplish the most. This status means that the content matches the product and it may be used by content users (i.e. companies). Your product content is now visible for others content creators and users. Later on, this content can also be curated by other users.


This approval status means that your product content is currently being viewed and after that it will be determined whether your product content will be approved or not. 


Unfortunately, your product content doesn't fit within the high quality content YOUR AI aims to provide. Your content may be telling untrue facts, contains use of bad language or explicit imagery. Better luck next time!




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