Search Products

Welcome to this second part of the section "Getting Started". Find your way at YOUR with these guidelines to get you started. 

After creating an account, you want to start creating product content. But around what products do you want to create this content? Learn more on how to search products at YOUR in this article. 

There are multiple ways to find your way in searching products. This could be done via the main search bar, filters or within the dashboard. 

Search bar

At the homepage of a search bar is integrated to get easy access to search for your favorite products. Type in the product you are looking for and press enter. 



As YOUR is now only active in the vertical of categories "electronics". This vertical is displayed at the homepage. Different categories are featured to optimize the searching process for the user of the protocol. 


What's next? 

After finding the right products you would like to create content around, you need to know how you add content. Head over to the Add Content article to learn more!




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