Sign Up As A Content Creator

Welcome to this first part of the section "Getting Started". Find your way at YOUR with these guidelines to get you started. 

Signing up as a content creator is needed before being able to create content. Follow these easy steps to become a creator. Start creating and earn money today!

Step 1

Go to

Step 2

Click on "Become a creator" in the header at the top right. 


Become a creator button

Step 3

Hit the "+ Start creating" button.


Start creating button

Step 4

Create an account by filling in your email, user name and name. Create a password and agree to the Terms & Conditions after reading them carefully. Click "Sign up". 


Create an account

Step 5

You've got mail!


Verify email

Step 6 

Congratulations! From now on you are an official content creator. Sign in with your account to start creating. Enjoy!


Sign in after verifying

What's next? 

Before creating content you have to search products to create content around. Wondering how to do that? Head over to the Search Products article to learn more!

Instructions in a video



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