Instructions YOUR Creator Contest

Create product content on YOUR and earn directly from it!


Are you ready to compete against a worldwide community to become creator of the month? Earn money in USDC as a reward for enriching the product database while creating high quality content at YOUR. Stay focused until the end of the month when the winner with the most points will be announced. Didn't win? Next month, another chance! Read more about the rules and instructions of this contest in the article below. 

Creator of the Month

Every first day of the month a new contest starts and runs till the last day of the month. During this month you will receive 0,10 USDC per created content type. Team YOUR keeps track of the standings. After one month, all rewards will be distributed to the creators. 

Promoted products

Every week 10 new products are delivered for which you can create content and earn money at the same time. Keep track of the weekly promoted products here

How will I be rewarded?

For every approved content type you create per product, you earn 0,10 USDC. Taking all content types into account, this means you can earn a total of 0,80 USDC per product. 

Date of the first contest

These are the dates for all creator contests coming year. 

1. February 1st - February 28th 2023

2. March 1st - March 31st

3. April 1st - April 30th 

4. May 1st - May 31st

Signing up to participate

Everyone who creates content during this month will be considered as a participant in this contest which means there is no need to sign up anywhere. 









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