How To: Create Extensive Product Page


You can create content and earn money. But what is the content you can create around a physical or digital product to enrich product pages?

Well, first you make sure that you have all the necessary elements of a product page to begin with.
Learn more about the 6 product page requirements below*. 

Creating an extensive product page

1. It starts with a featured image that is an eye-level, mid- to long-shot that showcases the physical or digital product.

2. If the feature image successfully wins over visitors, the next thing they are most likely to do is browse the image gallery.  Ideally, the page has about a dozen images in such a gallery, most of them clean-cut, like the feature image, and showing the product from all relevant angles.

3. Beyond the images, the product page needs to give high-level information of the product right off the bat. Relevancy is key, and so the title and description about features and benefits of the product so they’re compelled to buy

4. Videos are a fantastic way to show off the products and make shoppers feel like they’re getting an in-person demo. Make sure they include the key differentiators of the product and keep it short. Take full advantage of the medium by showing the product in action, not just standing beside it and listing the features. When you mention a feature, show how it works.

5. Share your thoughts in a review of experience about a product to help other customers making theright buying decision.

6. By compiling answers to common questions on every possible topic related to the product, an FAQ section gives visitors a central place to find the answers they need before buying the product.

* 🇬🇧 Important: currently it is only possible to create content in English



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