How to: Add an Article

A news article can be used to share your experiences with a product, a moment in your life you've come across this product or how you see this product working its way in society. E-commerce retailers can fill product pages with news articles to bring a product page to life. Articles can contribute to the credibility of a product, as products are discussed how they perform in an everyday life. 

What does a useful article contain?*

  • Core message

Get straight what you are writing about. In the case of your product content, the main subject is the product it is written about.

  • Target audience

Decide for whom you are writing the article. What audience does this product have? Who will buy this products. Take into account whether the target audience have a lot of knowledge about the product or not. Knowing this, you can dive deeper into some technical stuff or you stay on a superficial level. 

  • Goal

What is your goal with this article? You can either inform the customer about the product or entertain the customer with a story about the product. Per goal you can adjust the use of language or use of illustrations. 

  • Title

The first sentence of a news article repeats the title, but in slightly different terms. It briefly summarizes the main points from your story. It also gives your readers guidance and confirmation of the content. With a good title, you reassure the reader that the article is useful for them to read. Thus, the title should cover the content of the article.

  • The golden W's

While writing a high quality article, always try to answer the golden W's:

What, why, when, who, where, with what?

Examples of articles

Get inspired by articles below: 

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* 🇬🇧 Important: currently it is only possible to create content in English






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