How to: Add a Manual

A product manual helps the customer find a way to use the product. Not only these practical guidelines are offered in a manual, also the technical details are discussed in detail. As technical details are not always exciting for the customer, these two aspects can also be distinguished. Learn more about product manual in the article below. 

What is a product manual?

A product manual is a written instructions on how to use a product*. As there are many different aspects to different kinds of products, these are a few examples of information a manual contains: 

  • How to install a product;
  • How to use a product;
  • How to maintain a product; 
  • How to repair a product

The options are endless. The next thing you need to take into account are some criteria for manuals that companies are likely to buy. 


  • At the start there is an overview of all conditions that must necessarily be met at the start, including everything that is needed in terms of tools, additional information sources and expertise;
  • an overview of all necessary actions/steps,
  • per step
    • what resources or information from elsewhere is needed at that step,
    • how the user can check for himself whether he is still on the right track
  • Indications of where things can easily go wrong - warnings of pitfalls

Recommended websites

These sites may be useful to find the right manuals for your favorite products:

Requirements at YOUR AI

To upload a manual in the editor, your manual has to meet following requirements:

  • Minimum 29kb and maximum 100mb
  • Allowed filetypes: PDF


* 🇬🇧 Important: currently it is only possible to create content in English




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