How to: Create an Image


The most important element of the product page is the thumbnail.

This is an eye catcher, mid- to long-shot that showcases the physical or digital product at the overview page. The thumbnail can excite visitors or turn them away as it forms their first impression and helps them decide whether to investigate more or not.

To earn the most...

  • make a polished...
  • ...perfectly centered product image...
  • ...with a white or light background...
  • with no or limited shadows

Gallery images

If the thumbnail successfully wins over visitors, the next thing they are most likely to do is browse the image gallery. The gallery is an important element for the product overview page. Ideally, the page has about a dozen images in such a gallery, most of them:

  • have a clean-cut, like the feature image
  • show the product from all relevant angles
  • include at least one or two in-context or lifestyle images to invite an emotional response from the customers

It is even possible to add a 360-degree shot, too, that engages consumers even more or a video that conveys other information or answers customers’ questions.






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