Monthly Recap - September 2022


Accomplishments of YOUR in September 

Help center

YOUR has built a new help center environment. Here you can find all information regarding YOUR including a support center and a knowledge base. Articles will be added in the future such as monthly recaps, product updates, users’ experiences and many more.

Chat functionality

During office support hours (9am-5pm CET+1) a live chat is integrated in the platform to answer questions or requests from creators and content users. If the chatbot can’t solve the request itself, the request will be forwarded to the team. Outside the office support hours the official request form can be used. The YOUR support team will try to solve them as soon as possible. 

Bug contest

In July the community got the chance to sign up for Testnet to become one of the exclusive members to test the platform. To motivate testers to find as many bugs as possible, YOUR initiated a bug contest. Every month, the testers get the chance to send in their found bugs through our support center. The three persons with the most confirmed bugs will be rewarded. This means that every month three new people get the chance to win the contest. 

Do you also want to join Testnet? Sign up via this link.

Product update

New content types added

YOUR is currently working hard on finalizing two new creator functionalities. Soon creators are also able to add news articles and Frequently Asked Questions to a product. See a preview below:


Database update 

In the beginning of September the database contained over 9 million products with 40.000+ brands. On the way to October the database has already expanded to 10,5 million products and 55.000+ brands. Despite this big number of products, please note that YOUR first finalizes the category “electronics” before launching in other categories. 


Change history of creators

As YOUR strives to keep growing and developing the platform to ensure the most transparent ownership for creators. Creators soon will be able to view the changing history of their product content. Every change in the content that has been made is visible. Both creators and visitors are able to compare two product contents of choice to see what changes have been made. 


What’s next?

Holding on to YOUR’s roadmap, a lot of new functionalities will come to life in the coming months. This involves a lot of testing by the team and the community. The fact that exclusive members of the community are also able to give feedback to the platform means that adding and developing even more functionalities will be taken into account. 

YOUR is looking forward to keep growing together with its community to build the world’s largest community based product content database. 

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