Staking $YOURAI

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Staking $YOURAI 

You can build a passive income by staking $YOURAI. Staking means you have to lock YOUR AI tokens for a period of time on which you receive interest. You can compare it to putting money in the bank where you receive interest for doing so. The more you stake, the more you earn.

Why stake $YOURAI? 

YOUR AI currently provides significantly high rewards for staking. With the APY dependent on the amount staked, early adopters can get significant returns. To access content features, protocol users must stake $YOURAI and will also earn APY for long-term staking, providing $YOURAI holders with holding benefits. 

How to stake $YOURAI?

1. Go to and connect your wallet.

2. Choose a pool to join.

3. Enter the desired amount of $YOURAI tokens to stake into the selected pool. 

4. Check the characteristics of the pool

5. Deposit the $YOURAI tokens.

Staking pool characteristics explained

Staking pools can vary in characteristics, leaving community members with a choice in which pool they want to stake.
  • Lock period

the period where the tokens or cryptocurrencies you stake are locked and not freely available for withdrawal or transactions. Some pools have a short lock period (one month), where others have a much longer period (a year).

  • Reward

The reward refers to what you earn or receive as compensation for staking your tokens.

  • Lock end date

The date when the lock period for your staked tokens comes to an end. It signifies the point in time when you regain full control and access to your staked $YOURAI tokens, allowing you to withdraw them or engage in transactions again.




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