YOUR is reinventing content creation by allowing companies to take advantage of the decentralized future of Web 3.0. YOUR’s worldwide community earns money from the product content it creates.
Its central technological innovation is the use of NFTs to delineate product content ownership. Each piece of content will be associated with a unique NFT that will register the ownership on the Solana blockchain. Solana is one of the fastest blockchains in the world and its scalability ensures low transaction costs.
The NFT protocol will allow the following:
  • Multiple contributors to one NFT
  • Smaller contributions to one NFT
  • Lease or sell fractions of an NFT
  • Build Collections with fractions of different
  • NFTs Revenue sharing across all owners

Earnings on a product NFT are distributed over the owners based on the value score of the content type.

How do we calculate the content score?

The content scores are based on the following factors:
  • Effort level
  • Demand level
  • Quality level
  • Feedback score

Contributors get a share of earnings every time their product content is sold using a process called NFT fractionalization. This will undoubtedly allow consistent creators to build a passive recurring revenue stream out of their work.


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