Monthly Recap - May 2024

As we approach the midpoint of 2024, it’s time to reflect on our achievements in May before looking ahead. This month was marked by numerous marketing activities, primarily focused on providing deeper insights into YOUR AI’s AI-driven content solution. Here’s a breakdown of the significant progress YOUR AI made in May.

Product content and increased conversion

For many webshop owners it remains an insignificant factor in driving online sales, yet it is a crucial addition to actually convert more potential customers into buyers in the world of e-commerce. With YOUR AI, we believe in the importance of high-quality and AI-driven product content to improve e-commerce experiences. Read more about how this works in this article.

Insights in YOUR AI’s streaming solution

YOUR AI is building an AI-driven content solution for e-commerce shops. To better inform our community, we created instructional videos and comprehensive articles about our SDK and Shopify app over the past months. These articles provide insights on how to add images, descriptions, and specifications; how to integrate the SDK into your webshop and how to style the content to your preferences. For example, check out this instruction video on how to style content in the YOUR AI SDK.

Drag & Drop content for Shopify

YOUR AI offers a content app for Shopify shops. The app features revolutionary drag-and-drop content blocks, allowing shops to quickly create AI-driven product pages. To demonstrate the simplicity of this integration, we have published videos and articles, such as content styling for e-commerce shops.

Staking Pool

In May, we launched our staking pool for YOURAI BSC tokens in collaboration with DAO Maker. In the first week, 2,366,943.72 $YOURAI were already staked.

40 Million People Reached

The last year 8 articles have reached 40 million people. These articles increased YOUR AI’s visibility and informed both new and existing community members. Missed it? Read all articles here.

Inspired by Spotify's Streaming Model 

It might take a while to understand the solution of YOUR AI and the parties involved within the protocol. To explain what streaming AI-driven content entails, we published an article comparing our model to the Spotify streaming model. This article provides insights into how YOUR AI works and why it’s revolutionary for e-commerce. Read the article here: Spotify-inspired streaming model.

AI Partnerships

In May, we established new partnerships to improve our AI models and e-commerce experiences. Some of our new partners include Authic, Laika AI, and YAI. These collaborations provide us with access to new AI networks and knowledge, helping us further develop our AI models like Picasso and Monet.

  • YOUR AI x Authic: Authic offers an all-in-one loyalty solution that helps us enhance e-commerce experiences.
  • YOUR AI x Tars Protocol: TARS is an AI infrastructure capable of training AI models, monetizing data, and providing access to
    powerful GPU’s.
  • YOUR AI x Laika AI: Laika AI builds AI assistants that are unique in the Web3 and blockchain sectors.
  • YOUR AI x Dongo AI: Dongo AI delivers in-depth analysis , real-time market forecasts and seamless data-integration.

Future Plans for YOUR AI

The launch of $YOURAI in March has unlocked numerous opportunities. Following a record-breaking achievement with DAO Maker and rapid community growth, our focus now shifts to advancing product development: streaming high-quality product content to e-commerce shops via Shopify and other platforms. To conquer the $8.8 trillion e-commerce sector with our AI-driven content layer, expanding the team is essential.

With new members on board, we will expedite content streaming, provide comprehensive product information, and fine-tune our AI models. This will enhance our ability to personalize e-commerce experiences and attract more stores. We are incredibly grateful for your ongoing support and look forward to sharing more exciting updates soon.


$YOURAI is available to trade on several CEX’s and DEX’s.



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