Monthly Recap - April 2024

April was a pivotal month following the launch of $YOURAI in March. While launching a token is one achievement, maintaining its momentum presents the second challenge. There have been significant updates in partnerships, marketing initiatives, PR activities, product updates, and the launch of staking. It’s been a lot, and we’d like to take you through the highlights of YOUR AI in April.

Shopify content app and its onboarding

As the world’s first AI-driven content layer in e-commerce, highlighting and understanding the traction of YOUR AI Protocol is crucial for the growth of YOURAI, the community, and our clients. However, understanding what this looks like and entails in practice can be somewhat abstract.

A significant component of YOUR AI is the product content app specifically built for Shopify webshops. With this app, webshops can easily enhance their products with comprehensive product content. Once shops add the app to their store, they undergo an onboarding process enabling independent use of the app. This month, we provided the community with a glimpse into the Shopify onboarding process to get a better understanding of the product. Watch the video below for an overview.

AI Monet

Leveraging AI technology plays a big part in the AI-driven content layer for e-commerce. The integration of AI into product content creation goes beyond mere task automation. Hence, after launching AI Picasso, YOUR AI introduces its second AI model, “AI Monet”. This model is custom-built to generate detailed, accurate and compelling product content. YOUR AI Monet makes the protocol highly scalable and empowers e-commerce shops to showcase their product effectively and authentically.

Behind AI Monet lies an impressive technology that contributes to the scalability of the protocol. A straightforward explanation of how this works can be found in this article.

Wallets & Contracts

At YOUR AI, we strive for a transparent and sustainable future for holders of $YOURAI and our community. To prevent misunderstanding regarding $YOURAI and potential buyers and sellers, we have published a document containing all official wallets and contracts connected to YOUR AI that are now available to everyone via this link.

Staking $YOURAI

The first staking pool opened in April for $YOURAI tokens on the ERC20 chain. In the meantime pools opened as well. Locking period differ per pool and supply is limited. Secure your spot here:

Welcoming new partners

In addition to product-level updates, YOUR AI has been actively pursuing partnerships to expand our network, grow the community, and most importantly, enhance expertise in AI within the e-commerce realm. Each partnership contributes uniquely to the growth of YOUR AI Protocol, whether it grants access to AI scripts, involves participation in a blockchain foundation, or facilitates collaborations for staking YOURAI.

YOUR AI leading the AI-narrative

YOUR AI was recognized among the top 5 leading projects in the AI-crypto narrative and has taken a prominent role in the e-commerce landscape. Furthermore, the relationship between AI and tech giants has been highlighted through YOUR AI. Read the articles here:

AMA and X Space

Informing our community with accurate information about the YOUR AI protocol is crucial for building trust, fostering loyalty towards the protocol, and encouraging people to purchase $YOURAI and become part of our global $YOURAI community.

To achieve this, YOUR AI participated in two AMAs (Ask Me Anything sessions) last month, including a live Twitter Space. For those who missed them, below are two recaps of the AMAs.

What’s next for YOUR AI?

In the upcoming months, the YOUR AI team will continue to expand significantly. We are hiring several developers who will focus on both product and blockchain development, driving rapid protocol growth. Next month will also involve onboarding more customers, who will simultaneously contribute to and help enhance the app.

Additionally, community campaigns will be reactivated to further boost the growth of YOUR AI Protocol. We have a substantial number of partnerships ready to be announced, which will strengthen our ecosystem. We are excited about these developments and look forward to sharing more updates with you soon. Stay tuned for our progress and upcoming announcements!


$YOURAI is available to trade on several CEX’s and DEX’s.



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