Monthly Recap - March 2024

The eagerly anticipated launch of $YOURAI, took place in March. Besides building the world’s first AI-driven content layer for e-commerce, team YOUR AI pulled out all the stops to strive for a spectacular launch. While this successful launch of $YOURAI was just the beginning, the results have been impressive. We proudly take you on a journey through the month that marked the beginning of a new era for YOUR AI.

YOUR AI broke DAO Maker’s all time record

Prior to launching $YOURAI, we had the most successful SHO in DAO Pad history. In addition to the strength of our own marketing and KOLs, the collaboration with DAO Maker and its KOLs contributed to the incredible figures we proudly share in the image below. 

Not to mention, 82,000,000 $DAO was staked to join $YOURAI’s IDO. This record headlined an article featuring YOUR AI on CoinTelegraph. Read the article about YOUR AI on CoinTelegraph here.

Counting down

One hour before the launch, core contributor Ted joined the renowned Roundtable Show hosted by Mario Nawfal. With 100k listeners during the show, this was a great countdown to the moment of listing. Afterwards, $YOURAI made its initial debut on several exchanges, both centralized and decentralized. Listen to the Roundtable show here.

AI Partnerships

$YOURAI is forging the path for the future of AI in e-commerce through its partnership with Microsoft! By joining Microsoft’s Startups Founders Hub, we enhance our capacity to provide tailored AI-driven content, revolutionizing the way businesses engage with online customers. Read more about this strategic AI partnership here.

Moreover, the integrated AI bot in collaboration with PAAL AI, ensures that our Telegram community stays up-to-date with the latest developments of YOUR AI and the token.

We are thrilled to have announced the AI partnership with Hybrid. Their proprietary LLM and expertise will contribute to a strategic AI collaboration, exchanging knowledge to boost AI Picasso and AI Monet.

A week to remember

The week following the launch of $YOURAI is one to remember. $YOURAI emerged as the #1 trending cryptocurrency on Dextools, #1 daily gainer on Gate, and gathered some noteworthy figures around it. Check out the tweet below from $YOURAI one week after the launch:


Staking $YOURAI

March also marked the start of the staking portal for $YOURAI, enabling holders of $YOURAI to build a passive income. With the APY dependent on the amount staked, early adopters can get significant returns.

To access content features, protocol users must stake $YOURAI and will also earn APY for long-term staking, providing $YOURAI holders with holding benefits.

Start building a passive income and stake $YOURAI here.

Backed by a top-tier pool

We are proud to have the support of top-tier VCs, KOLs, and partners who play a crucial role in revolutionizing e-commerce with $YOURAI. With their support, we have developed the world’s first AI-driven content layer for e-commerce, setting a new standard in online retail engagement and customer experience. $YOURAI’s launch proved the power of this top-tier pool. We’re looking forward to building a successful and susatinable future with this support!

What lies ahead for YOUR AI Protocol?

With the successful first month post-launch, opportunities are emerging for the YOUR AI Protocol. We will increasingly be featured in AMAs, continue marketing efforts with our pool of KOLs, and introduce new partnerships that strengthen our e-commerce, AI, and BRC-20 narrative.

Furthermore, the launch provides space for further product development, such as releasing more AI models to reinforce the AI-driven content layer. Naturally, the team will continue to expand. Further app developments on other e-commerce platforms are in sight, making YOUR AI Protocol even more accessible for any online store.

Who knows what lies ahead for more CEX’s and DEX’s for $YOURAI?

What is YOUR AI Protocol?

YOUR AI Protocol is the world’s first product AI-driven content layer for e-commerce built on Bitcoin and Solana disrupting the $8.8 trillion e-commerce sector.

YOUR enables monetisation for content creators with ownership registration utlising Bitcoin’s BRC-20 and transparent payments with Solana and Ethereum. Together with an AI-driven content streaming solution inspired by Spotify’s music streaming model, it transforms e-commerce by offering affordable, high-quality, and AI-personalised product content. Enhancing the shopping experience and boost conversion rates for e-commerce shops.

YOUR AI utilises a smart reward, supply scarity, buy back and staking mechanism to support the value of the $YOURAI token.

Ready to join the revolution?



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