How does YOUR AI Protocol work?

YOUR AI Protocol operates as an open-source system, built and maintained by its community members. Here an overview for all the protocol users:

  • Content creators, including brands, shops, and third-party creators, can utilise creator dApps to contribute to and enhance the product content database.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Everyone in the world can use AI models to create and curate product content. Next to improving the content, AI Picasso and AI Monet are serving as an extra layer to personalise content tailored to the needs of every unique customer.
  • Content curators ensure high-quality content through curation dApps.
  • Storage and search nodes can establish a YOUR node in the network to store, search, and stream AI-driven product content for various e-commerce platforms, handling transactions such as product content views and rewards.
  • Developers are able to develop distribution dApps on top of the decentralised YOUR database to enable e-commerce parties to stream content from YOUR Protocol.
  • Shops and e-commerce platforms using distribution dApps can seamlessly access the most accurate AI-driven personalised product content provided by YOUR AI Protocol’s content creators when their customers load a product page. 

A rewarding mechanism for each content transaction (views, clicks, conversions, etc.) ensures fair compensation for all registered contributors, including creators, curators, storage nodes, and distributors.





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