YOUR AI x Fire Ant Crypto - AMA with Dieuwertje


YOUR AI Protocol, the world’s first AI driven content layer for the booming $8.8 trillion e-commerce sector has contributors from all over the world. This time it was the turn of the Korean community Fire Ant Crypto to join an ask me anything event with Dieuwertje, responsible for marketing, communication, and partnerships within YOUR AI.

It’s always great to see everyone so informed about the latest developments of YOUR AI, and it’s fantastic that this leads to critical questions being asked in the AMA. Attached is a recap of this AMA for those who missed it.

Q1: It is expected that many people will meet YOUR AI for the first time in this AMA. For beginners, can you please explain very easily and intuitively what YOUR AI is?

A1: “There is a direct relationship between e-commerce sales and product content. As the e-commerce market rapidly grows, the demand for fair monitisation, control and transparency rises.

YOUR AI Protocol has an AI-driven content streaming solution inspired by Spotify’s music streaming model. By utilising Bitcoin’s BRC-20 inscriptions, brands and content creators can regain control and monetise their content. While providing e-commerce shops access to high-quality, AI-driven personalized product content, they enhance the shopping experience and boost conversion rates for e-commerce shops.

Leveraging the partnership with Shopify and the power of our community, YOUR AI Protocol aims to revolutionize the relevance and quality of online product content, with over 25000+ content creators already on board. Content creators, curators, nodes, and developers that contribute to grow and maintain the protocol, get rewarded with $YOURAI tokens.”

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Q2: What are your plans after the AI content creation function in your AI?

A2: “Our aim is clear: to provide accessible, top-tier, AI-driven personalized product content within the thriving $8.8 trillion e-commerce industry. Simultaneously, we aspire to empower brands and creators to monetize their content through YOUR AI Protocol. Through BRC-20 inscriptions, creators will retain perpetual ownership of their creations.

With a Shopify app boasting 700 million users, our potential outreach is immense. Additionally, our Software Development Kit caters to all other e-commerce platforms worldwide, ensuring universal accessibility. As every e-commerce platform taps into YOUR AI Protocol for content streaming and rewards all creators accordingly, the value of $YOURAI will be substantially bolstered.

Looking ahead, we plan to develop tailored AI-driven content apps for various other e-commerce platforms like Lightspeed Commerce and Adobe Commerce. These initiatives will broaden our audience and foster a diverse community of contributors to the protocol, consequently enhancing the value of $YOURAI.”

Q3: Is there a staking program where we can earn additional income from $YOURAI token? If so, where and how can I stake?

A3: “Indeed, those holding $YOURAI have the opportunity to stake and generate extra income.

Currently, $YOURAI purchased on Ethereum can be staked through our staking platform.

Staking for $YOURAI tokens acquired on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Solana (SOL) will be available shortly. Stay tuned to our Twitter account @yourtokens for the latest updates!”

Q4: Please explain the role AI is used for in YOUR AI Protocol.

A4: “AI plays a pivotal role in YOUR AI Protocol, driving personalized product content creation and recommendation processes. Through advanced algorithms, AI analyzes user preferences, browsing history, and market trends to tailor content specifically to each user’s interests and needs. This personalized approach enhances user engagement, increases conversion rates, and ultimately improves the overall shopping experience for consumers.

Additionally, AI enables automated content generation, streamlining the workflow for brands and creators while maintaining high-quality standards. Overall, AI serves as the backbone of YOUR AI Protocol, powering its innovative features and driving value for all stakeholders involved.

We have built two AI models: AI Monet and AI Picasso. Here’s a quick summary on what they do.

  1. AI Monet: Utilizing vectorization, AI Monet facilitates content creation by transforming images and text into vectors. This capability allows AI Monet to efficiently process vast amounts of content and streamline subsequent creation processes.
  2. AI Picasso: The Intelligence Layer within YOUR AI employs AI Picasso to analyze user preferences and curate content feeds accordingly, enhancing the shopping experience with personalized recommendations. Leveraging AI, we gain insights into each customer’s characteristics on a webshop, allowing us to tailor product content to their specific preferences.”


Q5: YOUR AI Protocol is the world’s first AI-driven content layer for e-commerce built on Bitcoin and Solana. What I’m wondering is, what benefits does this dual integration offer to your protocol and the users of the platform?

A5: “AI Monet utilizes the product content created by creators within the protocol to generate new product content. Thus, AI Monet acts as a complement to human creators, reinforcing their contributions.

AI Monet enhances the scalability of the protocol by generating more product content. With a larger volume of product content, the protocol reaches a broader audience, and various types of e-commerce stores can stream content from the protocol. This strengthens the value of the YOURAI token and the rewards for contributors.

Additionally, the AI Picasso model provides a personalized shopping experience. With this unique personalization tool, more e-commerce shops will join the YOUR AI Protocol, leading to increased content payments from them. These content payments contribute to the preservation of the value of the $YOURAI token, making it beneficial for both users and the protocol.”

Live questions

Q1: What kind of transactions can be done in the Your AI E-Commerce system? Is this e-commerce system only available for community members or can everyone use this e-commerce system?

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A1: “YOUR AI Protocol manages content transactions among brands, creators, storage nodes, and shops. YOUR generates revenue through two channels, catering to both brands and shops:

Brands contribute revenue by paying for services such as content storage, content enrichment, content ownership and control, curation options, and transparency.
Shops will pay for usage of high-quality, enriched, dynamic, and AI-driven personalised product content. This can involve subscription fees and/or transaction fees based on views or conversions.”

Q2: In a short period of time, you will obtain statistics such as the total number of holders: 6000+, the total transaction volume: 135,000,000+, and the total amount of YOURAI pledged: 1,686,444.81. Is this statistic team success or project success?

A2: “Our team is highly experienced in e-commerce and marketing. This is advantageous because it allows us to pinpoint the shortcomings in the current market. There is a problem with content creation in e-commerce, and we address it. Therefore, it is partly attributable to the potential of the protocol.

Together with a large pool of Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), we have achieved a broad reach and a highly successful Initial DEX Offering (IDO) and launch. In doing so, we have closely collaborated with DAO Maker and the KOLs. In this regard, the team also contributes significantly to the success of the protocol.”

Thank you all very much! Would love to see you in our community. You can join here.






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