Monthly Recap - Februay 2024

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February built up towards the long-awaited launch of $YOURAI. It was a month full of records and new AI features. We’d like to take you through the highlights of $YOURAI in February once again.

In preparation for the official public sale of $YOURAI, for which we joined forces with DAO Maker, we conducted a special initial community round on the same launchpad. This is where YOUR AI set a record: the pool was oversubscribed 231 times with a total value of $11,500,000 locked. This achievement wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our KOLs, the guidance of our advisors, and the smooth collaboration with DAO Maker.

YOUR AI Picasso came to life

In February, YOUR AI achieved a significant milestone with the launch of our groundbreaking AI Picasso model. This marks a pivotal moment for YOUR AI as we continue to lead the way in revolutionizing e-commerce through AI-driven personalized product content.

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YOUR AI Protocol stands at the forefront by pioneering personalized advertising techniques tailored specifically for e-commerce. Initially conceived as an enhancement layer for content generated by the YOUR AI community, this model is designed to cater to the specific preferences of e-commerce customers, ensuring that product pages resonate with each individual consumer preferences. YOUR AI Picasso not only enhances existing content but also to generate original creations autonomously. Empowering the scalability of YOUR AI Protocol.

What’s next for YOUR AI Protocol?

With the successful special community round and the launch of YOUR AI Picasso, it’s time to look ahead to the TGE of $YOURAI. $YOURAI will hold another public sale on DAO Maker and will make its debut on both CEXs and DEXs afterwards.

What is YOUR AI Protocol?

YOUR AI Protocol is the world’s first product AI-driven content layer for e-commerce built on Bitcoin and Solana disrupting the $8.8 trillion e-commerce sector.

YOUR AI enables monetisation for content creators with ownership registration utlising Bitcoin’s BRC-20 and transparent payments with Ethereum’s ERC-20. Together with an AI-driven content streaming solution inspired by Spotify’s music streaming model, it transforms e-commerce by offering affordable, high-quality, and AI-personalised product content. Enhancing the shopping experience and boost conversion rates for e-commerce shops.

YOUR AI utilises a smart reward, supply scarity, buy back and staking mechanism to support the value of the $YOURAI token.




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