Monhtly Recap - January 2024

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Multichain protocol with BRC-20

Why BRC-20 in YOUR AI Protocol?

BRC-20 tokens, akin to Ethereum’s ERC-20 tokens, operate on the Bitcoin blockchain. They represent ownership or value within decentralised applications (dApps) and smart contracts. Their growing popularity stems from their potential to enhance security, scalability, and interoperability in the cryptocurrency space.

BRC-20 tokens have become a focal point for investors, developers, and enthusiasts, sparking excitement and speculation within the cryptocurrency community. With the hype building up as we approach the token launch, it would be a missed opportunity to not capitalize on this moment. Here’s a glimpse into how YOUR AI is incorporating BRC-20 to make the most of it.

Multichain protocol

YOUR AI Protocol is the pioneering content layer that seamlessly integrates both Bitcoin and Ethereum. Let us delve into how this integration fortifies our protocol, ensuring unparalleled security and future resilience.


BRC-20 Ownership Layer

At the heart of YOUR AI Protocol lies the groundbreaking use of Bitcoin as the ownership layer, safeguarding AI-driven content assets like never before.

Through the utilisation of BRC-20 tokens, our protocol facilitates:

▫️ Secure content ownership

As Bitcoin is well known for its security and future-proofness, creators and brands are assured with forever content ownership thanks to the BRC-20 inscriptions for their AI-driven content assets.

▫️ Staking mechanisms with BRC-20 tokens

Creators are required to stake BRC-20 tokens as evidence of their ownership of content. Upon verification, creators become eligible to receive content rewards in the form of ERC-20 tokens.

▫️ Effortless transfer or sale of ownership rights.

With the implementation of BRC-20 inscriptions, ownership becomes transferable, sellable, or licensable. This grants creators the autonomy to choose between immediate rewards or the accumulation of future rewards

Moreover, YOUR AI Protocol decentralises product content storage by harnessing the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) for a myriad of content types.

ERC-20 Transaction Layer:

YOUR AI Protocol orchestrates content payments via the Ethereum ERC20 blockchain, thus establishing YOUR as a multichain protocol. By utilising the Ethereum blockchain for transaction processing, YOUR AI Protocol capitalises on Ethereum’s fast and reliable characteristics.

The transaction layer of Ethereum enables content creation and streaming by dApps for e-commerce shops.


Building up the hype

Launchpad and partnerships

The IDO launchpads is one of the most prominent in the market.

The most important part around the launch is partnerships. This fuels credibility for the protocol and increases visibility. Therefore, the team is working hard on more partnerships to foster the growth of the protocol.

Communication is key

It’s crucial to ensure that we convey the right message consistently about our protocol. In the past month, we’ve dedicated ourselves to preparing the perfect content and communication strategy for the upcoming IDO. With everything in place and our partners fully briefed on the protocol, we’re laying down the groundwork for an exciting launch.

The requests for joining YOUR AI Protocol have been overwhelming, leaving us with great additions of KOLs, ready to help push $YOURAI to big volumes.

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