Monthly recap - December 2023

Highlights that defined 2023

2023 marked three big highlights for YOUR Protocol. Closing the year off with three running dApplications on YOUR protocol (Shopify, SDK and creation dApplication), set a promising start for 2024. As we anticipate upcoming year, let’s first explore the key milestones and progress achieved in 2023.

YOUR product content app for Shopify

The YOUR product content app is a starterskit to building extensive product pages for your Shopify store. The app enables the streaming of product content creators created in YOUR Protocol’s creation dApp. With the possibility to fully customise product pages using 8 drag-and-drop content blocks, the YOUR app for Shopify marks the beginning of the Web3 e-commerce revolution.

Read this page to learn more about the YOUR product content app for Shopify

Seamlessly integrating our new code integration

Following months of dedicated effort, YOUR successfully introduced its SDK. It offers an easy product content integration that enables seamless streaming of product content directly to webshop. Full autonomy awaits e-commerce shops with individualized dashboards, ensuring control over all content streamed to product pages..

Every custom-build webshop or webshops built on other e-commerce platforms can use the YOUR software development kit, ensuring YOUR with a wide range of potential customers. Watch the video below to get an exclusive insight.

Read this page to learn more about the YOUR SDK

5000+ creators

YOUR Protocol reached a milestone of over 5000 creators on the first creation dApplication. This number of creators on the protocol sets the tone for a successful reward mechanism in YOUR Protocol, giving creators and curators power to earn and stake $YOUR with every product content transaction.

The next chapter: exciting $YOUR launch ahead

New token page

Looking forward to 2024, it represents a promising year for Web3 and crypto projects. Having used 2023 to continue building a strong product, it is refreshing to start a new chapter. This calls for a dynamic kick-off. It is with pride that the new token environment on has launched this month.

Click here to get a glimpse of the $YOUR token environment

Promising IDO launch

The launch deserves all its time and effort to get the highest potential out of it. In preparation for the launch, we’ve gathered KOLs who will contribute significantly to YOUR’s growth. These strategic collaborations are geared towards ensuring a successful launch, and we’re excited about the positive impact these KOLs will bring to our journey towards excellence.

Stay tuned for exciting updates.

Stronger together with partnerships

Strategic partnerships

It is important to connect with other parties and leverage their skills, network and knowledge. Not only because of this, but also because to create visibility for YOUR and get people to get in $YOUR.

Recently we have revealed the first strategic partnerships with the world. Partnerships with Sky Vision Capital, Lunar Strategy and In Square Ventures cover legal expertises and PR efforts for global expansion and YOUR protocol growth. This is only a glimpse of a big network full of strong partnerships. Stay tuned!

Igniting growth with new marketing initiatives

Project overview

Our marketing initiatives are dedicated to educating newcomers about the profound purpose of YOUR Protocol. In this endeavor, we’ve partnered with exceptionally skilled animators, whose talents bring our vision for YOUR to life, turning it into a tangible and captivating reality.

Fostering community growth

In December, we introduced several community tools to expand our network and engage enthusiasts with YOUR Protocol in an enjoyable manner. Both Zealy and Galxe have joined forces to foster the expansion of YOUR, while the promise of additional thrilling community tools is set to propel YOUR even further in the coming months.

These tools contribute to the growth of YOUR and onboard new contributors to the Protocol, ensuring a vivid and dynamic YOUR ecosystem. Next months we’ll join many more community campaigns.

Ask us anything

With the upcoming launch of $YOUR, the community is continuously growing, which implies that many new members are getting reacquainted with YOUR. For this reason, we held two AMAs last month, firstly using our own community but also welcoming our founders Ted and Thijmen to CryptoDiffer’s engaged community. The AMA was a massive success, empowering Ted and Thijmen to answer substantive questions from the community regarding YOUR.

Read this article to get an insight of discussed topics in the AMA. Although we’re always open to answer questions in the Telegram community, we’re looking forward to more AMA’s within and outside our community to introduce YOUR to the world.

Looking ahead

2024 seems to be a promising year for YOUR. The image below reveals a sneak peek of what is to come in the near future. Especially noteworthy is the IDO launch and token sale of $YOUR. Take a look below and join the ride.

task-on copy 5@2x.png

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