Pricing and VAT numbers

When upgrading your webshops' pricing plan for AI-driven content streaming with YOUR AI, you need to enter the VAT number of your region. For an overview of the pricing plans and their features, take a look at 

Supported VAT numbers

Find your VAT number quickly in the table below

Country ENUM Description Example
Andorra ad_nrt Andorran NRT number A-123456-Z
Argentina ar_cuit Argentinian tax ID number 12-3456789-01
Australia au_abn Australian Business Number (AU ABN) 12345678912
Australia au_arn Australian Taxation Office Reference Number 123456789123
Austria eu_vat European VAT number ATU12345678
Belgium eu_vat European VAT number BE0123456789
Bolivia bo_tin Bolivian tax ID 123456789
Brazil br_cnpj Brazilian CNPJ number 01.234.456/5432-10
Brazil br_cpf Brazilian CPF number 123.456.789-87
Bulgaria bg_uic Bulgaria Unified Identification Code 123456789
Bulgaria eu_vat European VAT number BG0123456789
Canada ca_bn Canadian BN 123456789
Canada ca_gst_hst Canadian GST/HST number 123456789RT0002
Canada ca_pst_bc Canadian PST number (British Columbia) PST-1234-5678
Canada ca_pst_mb Canadian PST number (Manitoba) 123456-7
Canada ca_pst_sk Canadian PST number (Saskatchewan) 1234567
Canada ca_qst Canadian QST number (Québec) 1234567890TQ1234
Chile cl_tin Chilean TIN 12.345.678-K
China cn_tin Chinese tax ID 123456789012345678
Colombia co_nit Colombian NIT number 123.456.789-0
Costa Rica cr_tin Costa Rican tax ID 1-234-567890
Croatia eu_vat European VAT number HR12345678912
Cyprus eu_vat European VAT number CY12345678Z
Czech Republic eu_vat European VAT number CZ1234567890
Denmark eu_vat European VAT number DK12345678
Dominican Republic do_rcn Dominican RCN number 123-4567890-1
Ecuador ec_ruc Ecuadorian RUC number 1234567890001
Egypt eg_tin Egyptian Tax Identification Number 123456789
El Salvador sv_nit El Salvadorian NIT number 1234-567890-123-4
Estonia eu_vat European VAT number EE123456789
EU eu_oss_vat European One Stop Shop VAT number for non-Union scheme EU123456789
Finland eu_vat European VAT number FI12345678
France eu_vat European VAT number FRAB123456789
Georgia ge_vat Georgian VAT 123456789
Germany eu_vat European VAT number DE123456789
Greece eu_vat European VAT number EL123456789
Hong Kong hk_br Hong Kong BR number 12345678
Hungary eu_vat European VAT number HU12345678
Hungary hu_tin Hungary tax number (adószám) 12345678-1-23
Iceland is_vat Icelandic VAT 123456
India in_gst Indian GST number 12ABCDE3456FGZH
Indonesia id_npwp Indonesian NPWP number 12.345.678.9-012.345
Ireland eu_vat European VAT number IE1234567AB
Israel il_vat Israel VAT 12345
Italy eu_vat European VAT number IT12345678912
Japan jp_cn Japanese Corporate Number (*Hōjin Bangō*) 1234567891234
Japan jp_rn Japanese Registered Foreign Businesses' Registration Number (*Tōroku Kokugai Jigyōsha no Tōroku Bangō*) 12345
Japan jp_trn Japanese Tax Registration Number (*Tōroku Bangō*) T1234567891234
Kenya ke_pin Kenya Revenue Authority Personal Identification Number P000111111A
Latvia eu_vat European VAT number LV12345678912
Liechtenstein li_uid Liechtensteinian UID number CHE123456789
Lithuania eu_vat European VAT number LT123456789123
Luxembourg eu_vat European VAT number LU12345678
Malaysia my_frp Malaysian FRP number 12345678
Malaysia my_itn Malaysian ITN C 1234567890
Malaysia my_sst Malaysian SST number A12-3456-78912345
Malta eu_vat European VAT number MT12345678
Mexico mx_rfc Mexican RFC number ABC010203AB9
Netherlands eu_vat European VAT number NL123456789B12
New Zealand nz_gst New Zealand GST number 123456789
Norway no_vat Norwegian VAT number 123456789MVA
Peru pe_ruc Peruvian RUC number 12345678901
Philippines ph_tin Philippines Tax Identification Number 123456789012
Poland eu_vat European VAT number PL1234567890
Portugal eu_vat European VAT number PT123456789
Romania eu_vat European VAT number RO1234567891
Romania ro_tin Romanian tax ID number 1234567890123
Russia ru_inn Russian INN 1234567891
Russia ru_kpp Russian KPP 123456789
Saudi Arabia sa_vat Saudi Arabia VAT 123456789012345
Serbia rs_pib Serbian PIB number 123456789
Singapore sg_gst Singaporean GST M12345678X
Singapore sg_uen Singaporean UEN 123456789F
Slovakia eu_vat European VAT number SK1234567891
Slovenia eu_vat European VAT number SI12345678
Slovenia si_tin Slovenia tax number (davčna številka) 12345678
South Africa za_vat South African VAT number 4123456789
South Korea kr_brn Korean BRN 123-45-67890
Spain es_cif Spanish NIF number (previously Spanish CIF number) A12345678
Spain eu_vat European VAT number ESA1234567Z
Sweden eu_vat European VAT number SE123456789123
Switzerland ch_vat Switzerland VAT number CHE-123.456.789 MWST
Taiwan tw_vat Taiwanese VAT 12345678
Thailand th_vat Thai VAT 1234567891234
Turkey tr_tin Turkish Tax Identification Number 123456789
Ukraine ua_vat Ukrainian VAT 123456789
United Arab Emirates ae_trn United Arab Emirates TRN 123456789012345
United Kingdom eu_vat Northern Ireland VAT number XI123456789
United Kingdom gb_vat United Kingdom VAT number GB123456789
United States us_ein United States EIN 12-3456789
Uruguay uy_ruc Uruguayan RUC number 123456789012
Venezuela ve_rif Venezuelan RIF number A-12345678-9
Vietnam vn_tin Vietnamese tax ID number 1234567890



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