YOUR launches community on Zealy


Because our community forms the foundation of YOUR, we're thrilled to announce the official YOUR community launch on Zealy — a platform that will contribute to a new dimension of growth and engagement for YOUR. Zealy transforms YOUR contributors into active participants, rewarding their efforts and fueling a dynamic web3 protocol.

Both YOUR and Zealy are driven by the shared commitment to community empowerment. As YOUR token prepares to launch, Zealy steps in to amplify the collective strength of our community for an epic launch.

How does Zealy work?

Through finishing quests related to YOUR, participants earn XP points. These quests contain tasks that span social activities, YOUR-related work and entertaining engagements.

SDK-shops .png

Quests are differing from following all YOUR channels to joining Telegram communities to creating and sharing content. This way community members contribute to increase YOUR’s visibility across social channels. Moreover, quizzes, polls, and friend invitations add a layer of entertainment to the experience and open a possibility to earn even more XP points. See the image below for an example of a quest. 

XP and rewards

As said before, your efforts do not stay unseen. You get rewarded for every quest you finish. Quests flow in the form of daily, weekly, and monthly tasks. With finishing all quests on Zealy, you earn XP. These XP will be converted to rewards, such as YOUR tokens. Will you be the one to end at the top of the Zealy leaderboard?

SDK-shops Copy 2.png

How to start?

Simply create an account on Zealy and join the YOUR community. Finish the first mandatory tasks to gather initial rewards and open the gateway to more quests and more rewards.

Launching soon

As we look forward to the community launch next week, the excitement is palpable. The collaboration between Zealy and YOUR signifies a new era of community-driven growth and engagement. Join us in shaping the future—where community power fuels our collective success. 



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