Monthly recap - September 2023

Monthly Recap — September 2023

Chinese language integration 

As we steadily and continuously expand our customer reach, the need for more language options arises. Therefore, last month, we took our first step to introduce the Chinese language option for our current and future Chinese clients! The learn hub which contains all the information you need for retailers, creators, and customers is now fully translated into Chinese to provide the best information clarity for our audience.

This information includes the general information about YOUR and the guidelines on how to integrate our content solution in your webshop. Here you will find the most relevant information that aligns with your needs. Chinese viewers can now better familiarize themselves with any questions they may have about YOUR!

The next step for our Chinese learning hub is to also translate the monthly recaps into Chinese to keep the community and partners updated. We believe that a fresh and educational Chinese learning hub will contribute to an engaged, inclusive and world wide community.

A step-by-step guideline

We are thrilled to announce that the informative shops page on as well as the dashboard for shops have launched. This dashboard for shops offers a step-by-step guideline and more comprehensive information about product content streaming with YOUR. These sections are briefly discussed in the onboarding process:

1) Onboarding process

In three short steps including a video we will teach the webshop how to style and implement the product content on the webshops. 

2) Content type settings and preview

To give a more complete view on what the styling of the product content will look like on product pages of the webshop, we provided a product page example in the onboarding process. The product content is adjustable in color, font size and font height. The possibility to hide or activate the title of the content block can also be previewed. This way

3) Snippet to activate the SDK

The onboarding process closes off with a guide on how to add the main code and code for the content in your webshop. Implementation of these code snippets enables the streaming of product content directly to webshops. To reassure that every webshop is able to use the SDK, we provided a simple How-To-Add video as well. 

This all might sound very abstract, that is why the video below gives you an insight of the onboarding process:

Request a demo

If you own a webshop and are intrigued by the possibilities of YOUR, simply click on this link to request a demo or arrange a brief call. We’ll be in touch to schedule a conversation. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to connect with you and enhance your webshop’s potential!

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