Monthly recap - July 2023


This monthly summary is aimed at keeping you informed about the progress and utilization of the webshop SDK’s development. With four distinct plans, we have effectively incorporated the initial set of webshops. This article delves deeper into the details of these plans and the further integration process with YOUR.

Integration plans of YOUR

At YOUR, our mission is to enhance webshops by providing comprehensive product pages that prolong visitor engagement and significantly boost conversion rates. We understand that the needs of webshops vary greatly, spanning from small boutiques to large enterprises. To cater to this diversity, we’ve developed a range of tailored plans that address the unique requirements of each of our valued customers. A comprehensive breakdown of these plans is provided below.



Our entry-level plan, “Beginner,” is both cost-effective and free. With the Beginner plan, you’ll have the capacity to process up to 1,000 requests. Each request involves successfully retrieving product content for an item within your inventory. This content, available in a single language, encompasses fundamental information such as descriptions, videos, specifications, and manuals.


The “Start” subscription is designed to equip you with all the necessary tools to effectively showcase your products to customers. This plan includes a generous allowance of up to 1 million requests. It covers content for all brands in your catalog and presents it in over 50 languages.

Additionally, you’ll benefit from supplementary user-generated content, including reviews, question & answer sections, and pros and cons. The package is rounded off with YOUR team’s involvement in both implementing YOUR services and offering ongoing support.


Our most popular offering, the “Optimize” plan, is tailored for businesses seeking to maximize their product range. With a capacity of up to 50 million requests, this plan encompasses content for all brands across 50+ languages. It also integrates additional user-generated content.

Notably, the Optimize plan introduces a conversion integration feature. Using this functionality, we can modify the content to generate a positive impact on the conversion rate.


Revolutionizing the world of ecommerce, our flagship plan “Personalize” delves into the realm of content personalization. While advertisers have been customizing ads, we are now pioneering personalized product content. This innovative approach recognizes that different customers have distinct preferences. For instance, while women might gravitate towards lighter and brighter colors when purchasing a television, men may prefer scenes of soccer matches. By tailoring content to individual preferences, we anticipate a further increase in conversion rates.

Content_Men_V6_MET ACHTERGROND.gif

This personalized approach naturally results in multiple content profiles per product. To ensure a seamless transition, we assign a dedicated account manager who will guide you through every step of this transformative process. The example above visualizes a personalized product page for men, while the example below is more adjusted to women’s preferences.


Match rate

Once you’ve determined the most suitable plan for your webshop, the next step involves assessing the alignment between your products and our product content database at YOUR. This match rate evaluation is crucial in making the right decision.

If the match rate is deemed satisfactory, we can proceed with the immediate integration of YOUR in your webshops. In cases where the match rate falls below expectations, rest assured that our team is dedicated to content optimization. This commitment ensures that your webshop benefits from the most comprehensive product content available, enhancing your online presence.

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