YOUR SDK offers an easy product content integration with multiple content types such as descriptions, images, videos, reviews, question-and-answer and more. Follow these four easy steps to get started with YOUR SDK implementation for your webshop: create an account, save your shop's domain and name, configure product content settings, and implement the provided code snippet.

How to install the SDK?

Step 1: Create an account
Go to this link to create an account for your shop.

Important note: If your shop is in the exclusive test period we will generate an account for you because we will activate a paid subscription for free.

Step 2: SDK Account Information

Save your shops domain and name. The domain will grant your requests access to our database. Fill out these fields accurately and completely. 


  • Domain name without https://
  • Shop Name

Don’t forget to Save

Step 3: Product content settings

At our platform, we empower shop owners with the freedom to choose their preferred content types and customize them to align with their unique brand identity and aesthetic preferences. We understand that each shop has its own distinct offerings and style, and we strive to provide a flexible environment that caters to these individual needs.

Here you can edit each content block to match your website and preferences.

Don’t forget to Save

Step 4: Code implementation
When all fields and settings are completed and saved, click on show snippet to get the code snippet. 

Here you see the main snippet:

<script async defer
  itemID="Put here the id to match your product"

This code snippet needs to be placed in the head of all the products pages where you want to have YOUR active. You can change the language with one supported by changing the en.js last bit of the URL (e.g. to nl.js)


The unique identifier of your product (like GTIN, MPN) needs to be inserted as a value of the variable itemID. This will be the identifier that we use to match on with our database.

For example


Content blocks

Each content type has its own "div block". 

For example 

A div block for images looks like this: 

<div data-your="product-images"></div>

Insert all the "div blocks" of the content types you want to have active in the html of that specific product page. It automatically scales to the page based on html/css settings. Below there's a video with instructions on how to edit the html including the places where to replace the code. 

  <div data-your="product-images"></div>
<div data-your="product-description"></div>
<div data-your="product-pros-cons"></div>

<div data-your="product-reasons-to-buy"></div>
<div data-your="product-specifications"></div>
<div data-your="product-reviews"></div>
<div data-your="product-qa"></div>
<div data-your="product-videos"></div>
<div data-your="product-pdf"></div>

These blocks will use the settings you provided in the dashboard at step 3.

Video instructions to install the SDK 

Watch the video below to get a visual overview of all steps to install the SDK on your product page. 

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