YOUR AI Creator Contest


What is the YOUR AI creator contest?

Participating in the YOUR AI creator contest allows creators to generate product content for any desired product in YOUR AI Protocol and earn rewards for each approved piece of content. 

Creators thereby contribute to YOUR AI Protocol by facilitating high quality, user-generated product content. 

How to participate in the creator contest?

1. Register for a creator account at

2. Go to the dashboard of your account. 

3. Click on "Create content" in the menu on the left.

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4. Browse through the available products on the dashboard.

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  1. Currently creators are only able to create content for electronic products. Search for products by typing keywords, such as "Samsung tv", "Apple iMac", "Asus Laptop".

5. Once you have found a product, click on "create" to start creating.

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6. Create various forms of content such as images, reviews, Q&A sessions, and more.

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7. Publish your created content.

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8. Your content is pending to be approved or declined.

For all frequently asked questions regarding creating content, click here. 

Creator contest leaderboard and prize pool

Every week the number of content pieces that you created will be summed up. For each piece of approved content you'll be given one point. 

By the end of the month (April 27th), top 100 content creators are rewarded with a total prize pool of 20,000 $YOURAI. 

Important notes:

  • Note that you will only get paid for your content once the content is approved by the system. This means only appropriate, fitting content will be approved and become available on
  • Team YOUR AI keeps track of your contributions, meaning you do not have to keep track of this.
  • Content pasted directly from any AI tool will not be approved and therefore not be rewarded.

Share your creations on social media

We love to hear from you! Share your experience creating content for YOUR AI on social media and tag @yourtokens or use $YOURAI. 

Good luck!




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