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Welcome to YOUR, the most complete content solution for Shopify store owners who want to create compelling product content with ease! YOUR app offers an easy product content integration with multiple content types such as descriptions, images, videos, reviews, and question-and-answer and more

Why would you download the app?

With YOUR, you’ll save time and money, while ensuring that your Shopify store has the high-quality product content necessary to drive sales and increase customer engagement. 

Take your online store to the next level. Try YOUR for free today. Sign up here. 

What can you do with the app?

YOUR app seamlessly integrates with Shopify, streaming up-to-date product content to your product pages.

1. All the content you need: You can add all content types such as product images, specifications, pros and cons, images, videos, reviews, and more.

2. Drag and drop builder: The app gives you the possibility to fully customize your product page with building blocks, each containing a different content type. All blocks can be organized according to your desired orders.

3. Design customization: Align all the content with your branding guidelines using our customization options such as colors and text alignment.



How do you get started?

After installing the app, content blocks can easily be added to your product page in a few minutes with our drag & drop feature.

Experiment, rearrange, and refine for an optimal user experience. Even adjust color, height, and length of the content within the blocks, allowing for even more personalized and visually appealing product pages. 

Click here for more detailed information with all steps to install the app.

Steps to install and use the app

In 8 simple steps you can stream product content to your product pages such as descriptions, images, videos, reviews, and question-and-answer. For a more extensive guide on how to install the app, read this article

  1. Install the app

  2. Connect with your store

  3. Configure the product identifier

  4. Click Save button

  5. Go to the online store section

  6. Click on the Theme customizer

  7. Go to the product page

  8. Add content blocks



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