Why this AI Protocol is the foundation for e-commerce

The explosive growth of ecommerce over the past year has shown that product content is the cornerstone of success in the industry. As the e-commerce market is expected to reach approximately $8.8 trillion by 2026, emerging markets like NFTs and Metaverse are poised to capture a significant share of the total e-commerce sales. However, with exponential growth comes a lack of control for creators and a lack of content quality for end-users. 

YOUR AI Protocol addresses the key challenges faced by ecommerce brands, retailers, and end-users by enabling shared content ownership, curation, decentralized storage, and fair compensation. With YOUR AI, content creators, curators, node operators, and content users can work together to provide high-quality product content.

Taking control of product content

One of the primary problems YOUR AI Protocol solves is the lack of control that brands and retailers have over product content. In web2 ecommerce, shopping giants like Amazon and eBay and millions of online stores aim to create the most extensive shopping experience for their visitors to increase the conversion rate, where product content is crucial. However, brands and retailers often have no control over their product content or the ability to change or revoke content. YOUR AI Protocol's smart contract feature enables creators to register their content ownership, see usage across the web, revoke end users, and update.

YOUR's solution to content quality and duplication

Another challenge that YOUR AI Protocol addresses is the existence of incorrect and out-dated product content all across the web, leading to misuse, infringement or violation of intellectual property rights and poor information for customers. YOUR AI ensures content quality by curating product content, ensuring that only high-quality content is available to end-users. Content curators will be compensated by the network equal to their contributions to it. YOUR AI's decentralized storage system also prevents inefficient content duplicates and waste to our planet. 

Revolutionizing content creation and sharing

Brands, ecommerce platforms, and shops often spend a significant amount of money and time to create duplicate content. YOUR AI eliminates this problem by creating multiple features in the smart contracts for creators and distributors, and decentralized storage. Contributors to YOUR AI Protocol are also compensated in proportion to the value they create, ensuring that creators and other actors are fairly rewarded.

In summary, YOUR AI is the solution to the challenges facing product content in web2 and web3 ecommerce markets. By providing shared content ownership, curation, decentralized storage, and fair compensation, YOUR AI empowers content creators and revolutionizes product content in ecommerce. With YOUR AI, end-users can have access to high-quality product content, and brands and retailers get control back over their content. As web3 ecommerce markets continue to grow, YOUR AI Protocol is poised to be at the forefront of this revolution.



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