Nodes on YOUR AI Protocol

The YOUR AI Protocol is a decentralised network that enables dApps to securely store and access product content. It is powered by a network of nodes that are responsible for verifying and validating transactions, as well as storing and serving content. 

Get rewarded contributing to a cleaner planet 

Node operators are rewarded for their efforts in the form of transaction fees and rewards for storing and serving content. This incentivises node operators to provide reliable service and helps to ensure that the network remains secure and efficient. This encourages dApps to get involved in the YOUR AI  Protocol by building applications to ensure its success. 

Search node or storage node?

A search node is responsible for querying the distributed storage system for data. It is responsible for the retrieval of data from the nodes. A storage node on the other hand, is responsible for storing data in the distributed storage system. It is responsible for the replication and distribution of data across the nodes. Both contributions are more than welcome to be part of YOUR AI Protocol. 

Sign up as a node


In order to run a node on the YOUR AI Protocol, users must first stake a certain amount of tokens. Staked users can then configure their nodes and start providing services on the YOUR AI protocol. Choose to serve as a search or storage node

Sign up as a node

Either way you are aiming to fulfill the roll of a search or storage node, leave your name, email and your idea here. We will process your request to get back to you as soon as possible. 

Join other nodes

Chat with other developers about new ideas, ask questions, answer others' questions and most important: have fun creating and maintaining the network with your fellow developers.

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