Token Utility

$YOURAI utilises a smart reward, buy back and staking mechanism to support the value of the $YOURAI token and share the company’s success with holders.

With $YOURAI, these are the main token utilities:

  • Earn 

Content Creators, Curators, Nodes, and Developers that contribute to grow and play a significant role in maintaining the protocol, get rewarded in $YOURAI tokens. Content creators are able to create product content and earn from doing so.

  • Continuous buyback cycle

Content Distribution dApps buy $YOURAI Tokens to stream content plus Content Creation dApps buy $YOURAI Tokens to store & control content.

  • Holding benefits

Protocol users must stake $YOURAI tokens for content features access and will also earn APY for long-term staking

  • Ownership

Smart contracts allow for registered product content ownership, enabling all creators to have full ownership on all their contributions to the protocol.

  • Governance

As we value your input for YOUR AI Protocol, we want to give you something back. $YOURAI enables you with voting power in the YOUR AI DAO.



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