Token Utility


The YOUR protocol brings creators, curators, node operators and content users together, allowing them to transact product content guided by the foundational beliefs that:

  • Shared content ownership will be registered in smart contracts. This gives creators control over their creations and a fair compensation.
  • Quality of product content will be ensured by co-creation, enrichment and curation
  • Decentralized storage systems prevent inefficient content duplicates and waste to our planet.

Because of these believes the YOUR token will have the main utilities:

  • Ownership: Registered content ownership
  • Reward: Earn YOUR tokens for content co-creation, curation or storage
  • Governance: for voting power in the YOUR DAO.
  • Staking: to create, curate, store, search or distribute product content


With each content creation the full content and meta data with user signature will be stored and indexed. The users will have the ownership registration of each content contribution in its content ledger. Based on this the ownership will always stay secure and owner will be in full control on its usage.


Based on each action on the protocol, the contributing parties will be rewarded. The following transaction will take place:

  • Content Request
  • Content Creation
  • Content ownership transfer

With each of these transactions, based on the reward distribution, the contributing parties will receive rewards in the form of YOUR token.


The community of YOUR will decide together on the following points:

  • Roadmap
  • Transaction prices
  • Chain implementations
  • etc

based on the amount of tokens staked and contributions to the network, token holders will receive voting rights.


For contributing and earning from the network the users / dApps need to stake. This entails for:

  • creation dApps
  • distribution dApps
  • Search Nodes
  • Storage Nodes

Also will there be an APY on staking which will drive long token holders to stake their tokens. 




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