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Creation dApps on YOUR AI protocol

Creation dApps (decentralised applications) are revolutionising the way we produce, consume, and share information. These dApps use blockchain technology to create a decentralised network that allows for the creation and distribution of content without the need for a central authority or intermediary.

By utilising dApps, YOUR AI Protocol contributes to supporting a transparent, controlled, efficient, and fair manner of product content creation while benefitting from increased security, trust, and transparency. 

Benefit from smart contracts

Creators can get paid if they distribute their product content to webshops or other product providers via dApps by setting up a smart contract. Smart contracts allow creators to define the terms of their engagement with the webshop or product provider and the financial compensation for their work. This could involve creating a set price for their product content, or a percentage of the revenue gained from each sale. The smart contract will then automatically process payments for the creator once the conditions of the contract have been fulfilled. This allows creators to ensure that they are getting paid for their work quickly and securely.

Using this technology for the newest way of product content creation allows creators to ensure that they are getting paid for their work quickly and securely.

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Building the future of e-commerce

Want to get an unfair advantage and be one of the first dApps in the YOUR AI Protocol? Or do you have an amazing Web3 idea? 

YOUR AI Protocol enables developers to build and launch decentralised e-commerce apps (dApps)on a global scale while earning automatic, on-chain rewards. 

Join our Creation dApp community to share and build your own future Web3 idea.

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To sign up as a Creation dApp, please leave your email address, name and your idea with us. Team YOUR AI will process the request and get back to you as soon as possible. 

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