dApps on YOUR AI Protocol

YOUR_DAO_traction  (1).png

YOUR AI Protocol has got three dApps running.

Shopify application

 The partnership with Shopify is a big achievement for YOUR, giving access to 700M users and 4.6 million webshops. Within the first months of the app, YOUR already has 200+ shop installs.

Software Development Kit (SDK) application:

YOUR SDK offers seamless product content integration for e-commerce shops beyond Shopify, tapping into the $8.8 trillion market by 2026. It's compatible with platforms like Salesforce and WooCommerce.

Creation application

Empowering content creators, the Creation dApplication supports 8 content types. With 25000+ active creators, it facilitates user-generated content for product profiles. Together with a custom built AI Picasso model.




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