dApplications on YOUR Protocol

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YOUR Protocol has already got three dApplications running. 

  1. Shopify 

The partnership with Shopify is a big achievement for YOUR, giving access to 4.6 million e-commerce shops. Within the first months of the app, YOUR already has 200+ shop installs

What is the YOUR app for Shopify?

YOUR product content app on Shopify streamlines product content integration, including descriptions, images, videos, reviews, and more. The app serves as a starterskit for creating comprehensive product pages, allowing customisation with 8 content blocks that can be arranged according to preference.

A drag-and-drop builder simplifies the process of creating extensive product pages, and design customization options align content with branding guidelines. Seamlessly integrated with Shopify, YOUR app ensures up-to-date product content from YOUR Protocol is streamed to e-commerce shops. 

Click here for more information: YOUR x Shopify app 

  1. Software Development Kit

YOUR SDK offers an easy product content integration that enables seamless streaming of product content directly to any e-commerce shop. This code integration can be used by any e-commerce shop other than Shopify or custom-build shops, accessing a massive audience in a $8.8 trillion e-commerce market by 2026. 

YOUR SDK attracts usage of e-commerce platforms such as Salesforce and WooCommerce, granting access to a wide range of e-commerce shops using the content solution of YOUR. 

Read this page for more information: Software Development Kit of YOUR 

  1. Creation dApplication 

The creation dApplication allows for content creators to upload user generated product content to a product profile. Currently, YOUR supports 8 content types, such as images, descriptions and reviews. Our content editor app has 5000+ active creators curating and creating user-generated content.

Click here to go the Creator dApplication: Creator dashboard at YOUR 



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