YOUR Protocol users


Creation dApps

Creators are creating and optimizing product content through Creation dApps. Creators are a crucial part of the protocol user base, as they are responsible for creating and optimizing product content. They can come in many forms, such as Web3 brands, data providers, retailers, and even AI. 

They provide a whole range of user generated content, such as product descriptions, photos or product reviews. Many more content types can be added to this list to make sure customers eventually get the best user experience. 

Distribution dApps

Distributors, such as ecommerce platforms and metaverses will eventually stream the product content provided on YOUR protocol to enrich their product experience through Distribution dApps. The content will be used to improve product experiences in several ecommerce environments where products are showcased. Think of Metaverse or Avatar applications in Web3, but also ecommerce platforms (Shopify etc.) or virtual stores and game experiences.


Developers contribute to building applications (dApps) and maintaining the network. YOUR Protocol exists in two kinds of dApps. 

On the one hand there are creation apps. Building this dApp will help enable creators to create content for digital and physical products. But also Curation dApps, AI creation dApps or video creation dApps can be built here.

On the other hand, Distribution dApps can be built by developers. Such apps enable brands and companies to stream product content to their own product environment to enrich those with content. This way the product content provided on YOUR will be easily integrated in Metaverses, webshops or other platforms. Community members can contribute to developing these distribution dApps.

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Network nodes

The YOUR protocol is a decentralized network that enables dApps to securely store and access product content. A network of nodes is responsible for verifying and validating transactions, as well as storing and serving content.

Node operators are rewarded in the form of transaction fees and rewards for storing and serving content. This incentivizes node operators to provide reliable service and helps to ensure that the network remains secure and efficient, with the aim to encourage dApps tot get involved in the YOUR Protocol by building applications to ensure its decentralized vision.

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