Background of YOUR AI Protocol

The world is shifting from a Web2 (centralised and privately owned) product content environment towards a Web3 one that empowers content creators and end-users instead of middlemen. Web2 e-commerce is dominated by shopping giants like Amazon, Ebay, and millions of online stores built on platforms like Shopify. They all aim to create the most extensive shopping experience for their visitors to increase the conversion rate, where product content is the cornerstone.

E-commerce growth & product content quality

Success and growth in e-commerce is built around the availability and quality of product content. Over the last year, e-commerce sales have grown exponentially and are expected to reach approximately $8.8 trillion by 2026. With exponential growth comes lack of control for the creators and content quantity and quality for the end users. 

Fair content distribution with YOUR AI Protocol

Considering all the problems that the current way of content creation entails, YOUR AI fills a gap in the product content creation for Web2 and Web3 webshops. With YOUR AI Protocol, we strive to take away problems within the process of product content creation for many brands and give all contributors success in the e-commerce landscape the credits they deserve.  Everything to facilitate a fair way of content distribution.

AI Personalisation engine.

Introducing YOUR AI Picasso: this LLM AI model enhances content creation and personalisation. AI Picasso adds a layer of personalisation to YOUR AI Protocol community's content, tailoring to e-commerce customer preferences. Additionally, it creates its own content, empowering YOUR AI Protocol's scalability. YOUR AI Protocol empowers users worldwide to deploy AI models for content creation and earn $YOURAI tokens.

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