What is YOUR Protocol?

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YOUR Protocol is the world's first content layer for web3 e-commerce built on Ethereum. Brands such as Apple and Samsung struggle with product content control and accuracy online. YOUR Protocol empowers them with full control, ownership, transparency on this product content.

Stream product content 

YOUR Protocol enables shops to stream user generated and personalised product content. With streaming content instead of owning the content, e-commerce shops save time and money creating, storing and maintaining the content. Moreover, content will be updated automatically, leading to increased accuracy of e-commerce shops. Streaming content not only enhances the shopping experience but also significantly increases conversion rates.

Personalised product content

With streaming product content, YOUR Protocol is pioneering personalised and dynamic product content in the e-commerce sector. It will be the first content layer to tailor content to end users’ preference. 

Earn and reward mechanism

The YOUR protocol facilitates an earn and reward mechanism, where all parties in the ecosystem, such as developers and content creators are rewarded a fair share for every product content transaction. 




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