What is YOUR AI Protocol?

YOUR AI Protocol is the world's first AI-driven content layer for e-commerce built on Bitcoin and Solana. YOUR AI Protocol has optimized e-commerce integration into Shopify's 700 million user base, revolutionizing the $8.8 trillion e-commerce sector.

YOUR_DAO_header (1).png

There is a direct relationship between e-commerce sales and product content. As the e-commerce market rapidly grows, the demand for fair monitisation, control and transparency rises.

YOUR AI Protocol has an AI-driven content streaming solution inspired by Spotify's music streaming model. By utilising Bitcoin's BRC-20 inscriptions, brands and content creators can regain control and monetise their content. While providing e-commerce shops access to high-quality, AI-driven personalised product content, they enhance the shopping experience and boost conversion rates for e-commerce shops.

Leveraging the partnership with Shopify with an audience of 700M users and the power of our community, YOUR AI Protocol aims to revolutionize the relevance and quality of online product content, with over 25000+ content creators already on board. Content creators, curators, nodes, and developers that contribute to grow and maintain the protocol, get rewarded with $YOURAI tokens.



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